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Getting Along

Getting Along

"Getting Along" is the second module in the

Loving the Jesus Way Training Series. 

This module is designed to help you remain in God's love when you have unloving experiences by learning to apologize and forgive well. 

What will take place?

The Getting Along module has two parts: Apologizing Well and Forgiving Well.

Throughout this module, you will learn skills and engage in activities that will increase your capacity to show others love through humility, curiosity, and generosity while building relational security. Whether we have done wrong or have been wronged, when we find ourselves in relational rupture we can use these five steps: Stop, Look, Listen, Love, and Change. 

In Apologizing Well we reflect on how our fear drives us to avoid and hide, usually leading to a shame-based apology (if we apologize at all.) You will learn how to use the five steps of Getting Along to experience God's love, care about the impact of your wrong or harmful actions on others, and begin to restore trust by offering a love-based apology. In Forgiving Well we reflect on the ways that anger, a love emotion created to help us correct and protect one another, has been corrupted and often drives us to retaliate and withhold forgiveness. You will learn how to use the five steps of Getting Along to experience God's love, empathy, and compassion so that we can truly forgive one another the ways we have experienced forgiveness.

Getting Along Event Sequence

Part One: Apologizing Well

Session 1: Stop
Session 2: Look & Listen
Session 3: Love & Change

Part Two: Forgiving Well

Session 4: Look & Listen
Session 5: Love & Change

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at the moment. We are refining the module to make it more accessible. Please check back soon!

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Getting Along

Loving as Loved

Module 1:

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