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Getting Along

Module Two

Getting Along

"Getting Along" is the second module in the

Loving the Jesus Way Training Series. 

This module is designed to help you remain in God's love when you have unloving experiences by learning to apologize and forgive well. 

What will take place?

Throughout the "Getting Along" module, you will participate in activities that will increase your capacity to show others love through curiosity and generosity while building relational security. 

This module consists of two parts, five sessions in total.

Each part will have teaching, time for individual application, and touchpoint groups. 

In your touchpoint group, led by trained facilitators, you will be invited to share how you used each new tool you will learn during the teaching times. You will be loved by God and your group as you engage in healing activities. 

Review the schedule and upcoming virtual or in-person events below! 

Getting Along Event Schedule

Part One: Apologizing Well

Sesson 1: Stop
Sesson 2: Look & Listen
Sesson 3: Love

Friday Evening & Saturday

Part Two: Forgiving Well

Sesson 4: Look & Listen
Sesson 5: Love



Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at the moment. 

If you have any questions about our events, please contact us at

Friends On A Walk
Getting Along

Loving as Loved

Module 1:

Go back and review the first module in our Loving the Jesus Way Training Series!

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