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Dear Leader,


Our Founder, Mark Gordon Fee, pastored local churches for 22 years and the First Loved leadership teams are made up of people who have served as pastors, deacons, and Bible teachers. We are committed to the mission of First Loved because we have personally experienced what a difference it has made in our churches, communities, families, and in our own lives. For anyone who has people in their life that follow their lead, we are talking to you and we want to help you first so that you are able to help others well! You cannot love others as you have been loved, until you have been loved first. So we invite you to come and be loved first, register for an event and experience our teaching, activities, and resources for yourself. 


Our Taste and See series invites people to be loved by Jesus and the Father, by the Spirit, through words and actions (1 John 3:18). The first disciples of Jesus were loved by him with words and actions, and we believe God wants all of us to be loved in the same way. Taste and See also helps participants begin to identify and renounce the conditional mindset, which is made up of common barriers to receiving and sharing God's love. Ultimately this combination of teaching and training offers a variety of activities that help people experience being loved and remain in God's love.  

Our Getting Along series is for when we struggle to remain in God's love because we are experiencing or instigating unloving interactions. This combination of teaching and training is designed to help participants self-reflect, learn to apologize well, and engage in healing conversations. We strongly recommend that people go through the Taste and See series first because healing conversations that lead to long-term health, personally and relationally, must have a foundation in secure loving experiences, which requires being loved first.

We currently offer events that take place over the course of a weekend. Each event has four sessions: one session Friday night, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday. Our Sunday sessions vary in times to accommodate leaders with Sunday morning responsibilities. Check out our Events page for more details on our upcoming events.


If you have questions or would like to set up a touchpoint to talk about how to bring a First Loved event to your community, please fill out the contact form below!

What are leaders saying?

"As a pastor, I found the First Loved weekend to be incredibly powerful and transformative, both for myself personally and for the people in our church who participated. At Vision New England, we continue to recommend the First Loved weekend to the pastors and churches who are participating in our Vision ONE process. Throughout the entire First Loved weekend, Mark combines solid, Biblically-guided teaching, with heartfelt personal stories and very practical wisdom, to provide each participant with a very “real” understanding of one of the most important realities of the Christ-following experience—God deeply, personally, and passionately loves His children. Mark’s remarkable teaching gift and his compassionate love for others, makes this one of the most impactful weekends that is currently available related to ‘the love of God.’ I strongly recommend this for any Christ-follower.”

Rev. Keith Tolley / Lead Pastor, Greenfield Alliance Church

A First Loved workshop about the Love Verse Activity captured my heart and imagination and transformed my personal time with God. God spoke to my heart day after day as I listened to his love for me. I couldn’t imagine enjoying his love any less. After six months, I knew that I wanted to share this with others in my church. My wife and I attended a First Loved weekend with another couple. Then we attended a weekend with my Leadership Team and their spouses. I also taught a group at the church. [Now] we share our God Sightings in our weekly Staff Meetings.

This year we can’t wait to host another First Loved Event at the church. Mark and his team have designed a wonderful experience that captivates your mind and your heart with the infinite love of God. I can’t get enough.

Bill Shoemaker / Lead Pastor, West Church of Peabody

As a pastor who has personally experienced “First Loved” and its transformational impact on my own relationship with God and understanding of the Gospel, I have wanted to bring Mark and his team to our churches for a long time now. Recently we had First Loved come to our church and lead about 30 of our leaders through the “Taste and See” weekend experience. It was life-changing (for real) for so many of our leaders and the tearful and excited testimonies have been continuously shared and repeated for weeks afterward… First Loved Ministries was a God sent in providing a fresh encounter with the love of God, but not JUST that. They also provided us with what seemed like a long-lost understanding of our personal interactions with the heart of the Gospel. To know both in our minds and hearts, that we are loved, in a very real, tangible, and experiential way, by the Father, and reinvigorated to run with Him on His mission, as His Church. We are actively partnering with them to bring our entire church network to this essential place of understanding and living in the love of God.

Steve Arsenault / Pastor, Crossing Life Church and Community Center

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