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Loving the Jesus Way

A Training Series

Jesus loved people the way he had been loved by God the Father first, which was personally with words and actions. Over the course of 3 years, Jesus expressed the love he experienced by loving his disciples through words and actions, for a total of over 11,000 hours!  After all of those hours of deeply loving his disciples, Jesus gave them a new command:

"love each other as I Jesus have loved you." 


Being loved first and then going out to love one another as we have been loved is the only way to remain in God’s love, and it has the added bonus of producing full and complete joy! 


The "Loving the Jesus Way" training series, includes two incredibly engaging, and sequential, modules: Loving as Loved and Getting Along. These modules will help you deepen your daily experience of being loved and help you love others really well.


Read more about these modules and how you can participate in our upcoming events below. 

Loving the Jesus Way

The Experience

Throughout the Loving the Jesus Way Training Series you will be given the unique opportunity to participate in truly ENGAGING events and activities! 

In every session throughout the curriculum, we give you something:

to THINK about, to DO, and to EXPERIENCE! 

During each session of the Loving the Jesus Way Training Series, you will listen to biblical teaching.

This is the "THINK" portion of the session and will give you the baseline material to engage with throughout the remaining session activities.

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Loving as Loved

Module One 

In "Loving as Loved", you will participate in highly transformative activities that are proven to deepen your daily experience of being loved by God.


Being loved first will equip you to love others well, this also enables you to remain in God's love so that by the Spirit you can experience Jesus' full and complete joy. 

Through this experience, you will learn the biblical and neurological explanations behind our activities, and how you can implement them in your day-to-day life!

Loving as Loved

Ready to get started?

Learn more about the "Loving as Loved" Module, and find out where and when the next event will take place! 

Loving as Loved

Getting Along

Module Two

If only we were always just loved and loving...


Sadly, sometimes we wrong and harm others or they wrong and harm us. Meaning we are not being loved well or not loving others very well. This often causes us to either hide in fear or retaliate in pain and anger.


How do we stop this relational madness? Our second module, “Getting Along”,  offers accessible activities that will help you prepare for and engage in healing conversations, apologize and forgive well, and experience healing and freedom from painful memories.

Getting Along Event

Want to learn more?

Take a deeper dive into the "Getting Along" module, and find out where and when the next event will take place!

Getting Along Event

But wait, there's more...

Loving the Jesus Way involves personal transformation AND communal transformation, so we offer you resources for both. 

After attending our events, there are still ways for you to continue deepening your daily experience of being loved by God, and we want to help!


Explore our uniquely made resources designed to help you on this journey. 


Tierra, New York


Kellie, Arizona

" I'm going to recommed [ First Loved]  to several people! It gives you the tools to experience God's love for you personally through scripture and through those in your life... It was impactful! I look forward to renewing my mind through the love verses."
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