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Next Steps

Now that you have been Loved First, what's next? 


We cannot thank you enough for coming to one of our events! We hope that you experienced a new depth of being loved by God and by the people you encountered at the event. Below is a selection of ways to continue your experience with First Loved Ministries:


"As a pastor, I found the First Loved weekend to be incredibly powerful and transformative, both for myself personally and for the people in our church who participated. At Vision New England, we continue to recommend the First Loved weekend to the pastors and churches who are participating in our Vision ONE process. Throughout the entire First Loved weekend, Mark combines solid, Biblically-guided teaching, with heartfelt personal stories and very practical wisdom, to provide each participant with a very “real” understanding of one of the most important realities of the Christ-following experience—God deeply, personally, and passionately loves His children. Mark’s remarkable teaching gift and his compassionate love for others, makes this one of the most impactful weekends that is currently available related to ‘the love of God.’ I strongly recommend this for any Christ-follower.”

Rev. Keith Tolley / Lead Pastor, Greenfield Alliance Church

"I think the First Loved weekend is something that every Christian should attend . . . the material presented deals with the number one issue people struggle with, namely, ‘After all my sin and failure, does God still accept me?’ That seed doubt that enters our minds is the very thing that hamstrings our fruitfulness in the kingdom of God and stymies our spiritual growth. I especially liked the exercise of applying a passage of Scripture to our individual lives and making it real. Thank you for a weekend that transforms, not just informs.”

Tom Peers / Senior Pastor, State Street Church

Let’s Work Together

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