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Tips for Scripture Memory

One of the most common frustrations we hear from participants on our weekend seminars and retreats is the trouble they have memorizing scripture verses. We know! It’s not easy. However, in order to internalize God’s love for us from his Word and then turn around to speak love to others through his Word, it’s an important practice not to overlook. So here are some things that have worked for us and have helped others overcome the hurdle of memorizing scripture. The key is to not give up and make it a regular routine, maybe part of your quiet time with the Lord each day. And don’t get down on yourself if it takes you a while to memorize even one line. Remember, even the snails made it on the ark!

  1. Choose a portion of the verse to memorize. Write it in your journal. When you get it memorized, add another portion.

  2. How have you memorized things in the past? Tests, dramas, poems, Lord’s prayer, etc. Apply what you did back then to this portion of the verse.

  3. Is there a logical progression of thought? Can you picture it like a sequence of actions, pictures, thoughts or movements?

  4. Start with nouns, verbs, or phrases. What’s easiest to remember first?

  5. Look at the verse. Repeat it. Then say as much as you can without looking. Repeat this process until you can get through an entire sentence. Take a break to allow the Spirit to renew your mind.

  6. Review the portion you are memorizing throughout the day if even for 5 minutes. Say what you can remember aloud, then work on what you forgot.

  7. Put it on a 3×5 card or enter it into your cell phone so that you can carry it with you.

  8. Record yourself reading the scripture verse on your cell phone and listen back to the recording multiple times while driving in the car.

  9. Change your computer or phone screen background to an image with the verse you’re working on. You can download many at!

  10. Don’t be discouraged! Even if you don’t memorize anything right away, be patient. It may take multiple practice times for you to memorize something new until you establish the habit. This is all part of training.

Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters as they work towards memorizing a portion of your Word. You know this is not an easy task for us, but help us all to experience your embrace as we internalize your words in our hearts. May they become more than words, but feelings and emotions of your loving-kindness toward us. We are so grateful for your love and pray we may have the opportunity to share your love with others. Bless you, Lord, O my soul.

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